CMS Quick Credentialing Bonus

Credentialing in hospitals is a major hassle, and a leading reason that facilities postpone or cancel assignments.  CMS will work with you every step of the way to complete your credentialing packet ASAP, and we will pay you to help us!


If you complete everything on the facility’s requirement list by noon the next business day (EST) after receiving this list from our HR representative, we will include a $250 bonus on your first check. If you need an additional 24 hours beyond the noon deadline, we will include a $100 bonus on your first check.*

Below is an example outline of the documents & items you would need to complete.  Your requirements will be clearly outlined by a member of the HR team as soon as we have them from the facility, and the formal requirement list is the basis of earning your bonus.

  • All online items are completed
    • Application
    • Any and all tests assigned
    • Any and all Employment Documents assigned
    • Skills checklist (if you did not already complete it)
  • Report for your drug screen
  • Report for your pre-employment physical or send us the required documentation if you have already completed a physical within the required time frame
  • All documents that you would have are sent to us,including:
    • Medical Records
    • CPR, ACLS, etc
    • Identifications
    • Reference List
    • Anything else that may be specifically required by the facility, as outlined in your initial requirements email from HR


* Note that all items must be received and verified by the HR representative by noon EST.  No exceptions.  Only full time 13-week hospital placements for new employees are eligible for a quick-credentialing bonus unless otherwise agreed to by CMS. Failure to successfully complete the orientation before receiving your first check will result in a forfeited bonus.