Keeping Up Generations of Nursing Excellence as November’s Clinician of the Month

Legacy-Nurse, Ann Engelbach, Receives Chesapeake’s Favorite Title

Our newest title-holder has a history attached to her career! She is a second-generation clinician who was given the best example on how to be an exceptional professional in her field. Congratulations to Ann Engelbach on her amazing achievements and her most recent honor as Chesapeake’s Clinician of the Month for November!

“My mother was a nurse. That picture is from her nursing class in 1965. It was wonderful to see her so passionate about her career, and that made me want to be just like her.

I became a dental assistant before a nurse. I got married, started a family, and decided to go back to school to become a nurse. It felt like the right choice, especially after getting into my nursing program at Fort Sanders School outside of Knoxville, TN. It offered wonderful opportunities to learn and gave me the knowledge I needed to start this new step in my career.

Originally, I am from Maryland, but my family is in the military. We went all over, including South Carolina, Tennessee, and more. We ended up in western Maryland where I worked at Holy Cross Hospital. After that I went from University of Maryland, to Union Memorial, where I stayed for 17 years. I loved my staff position, but sometimes you just need a change.

When I started looking into travel positions at Chesapeake, I found my way to GBMC. I fell in love with my work there. It felt freeing knowing I have the stability of a job, but with contract hours. It’s hard to walk into a new setting and get your feet wet, but I’ve been able to adapt to it quickly with CMS’s help. They’ve all been wonderful during this transition and have helped walk me through the process.

All I’ve ever wanted is to be a bedside nurse like my mother. I didn’t want to climb the ladder, I just wanted to help my patients. In my book, it’s always been one patient at a time. Their care is more important than anything else, and I’ve always been happy to provide that great service to them.”

Nevena, her Recruiting Manager, has nothing but great things to say about Ann. “Ann is a super sweet nurse! She goes above and beyond, she’s super professional and makes my job easy 😊.”

We are proud to have this kind of legacy nursing on our team, and can’t wait to support her for years to come!