October’s Clinician of the Month is… Manny Adjaye!

Congrats to our most recent Clinician of the Month for October, Manny Adjaye! The way he talks about being a Radiologic Technologist could make anyone switch career paths!

“I have been a Rad Tech for almost 25 years. I come from a family of Rad Techs in which my father and my two uncles dove into the certification. They encouraged me to branch out and find what would make me happy, though. I went to school for engineering, but shifted my focus and went back to school to be a Rad Tech anyways. I couldn’t take my mind off my family’s line of work, and how it felt right for me. I ended up in an amazing program in Long Island, New York, and created a new lifestyle for myself.

My transition into the professional world of healthcare happened quicker than I had originally expected. I became a CAT Scan Technologist almost overnight in New York City, and started picking up PRN jobs. My family ended up relocating to Maryland as my wife went back to school, so I worked a good bit of nights to be there for my children during the day. I loved that aspect of the job though – I put my kids on the bus in the morning, watched them get off in the afternoon, and went to work at night. I had so much flexibility that wouldn’t have been possible in a regular 9 to 5 job. I got to be there for my family, and it meant a lot.

I ended up working for University of Maryland for almost 11 years and worked with a manager there to create a Cath Lab program that handled preparing stints and catheters for patients in the Cardiology unit. My unit was also involved in a very busy STEMI program that had EMS members sending EKGs to the cardiologists on the way to the hospital, so our team could be deployed properly and without delay.

I loved my time in a staff position, but didn’t think I was done adventuring in my career. I want the opportunity to pick up with my family and go somewhere new. I came across Chesapeake Medical Staffing and was excited at what they could offer me. I’m coming up on a year with them and haven’t been out of work yet. My contract at Hopkins keeps getting renewed, and I am more than happy about it! I don’t get bogged down by the facility politics and just get to enjoy the work I love doing. You meet people in all walks of life, and I can’t help but recommend being a Rad Tech to everyone I meet.

It’s a job you can actually fall in love with – 25 years later, and I’m still happy going to work.”

Everyone has taken notice of his passion for the work he’s doing. His current assignment just awarded him the “CATH KUDOS” award for the month of August too! Reen, his Recruiting Manager, couldn’t be more proud: “He’s genuinely good at his job. He’s always pleasant and happy when I’m working with him.”

Congrats again, Manny! We’re all so happy to have you on our team!