Working This Holiday Season? We’ll Help You Add Some Cheer!

Holidays happen every year, but facilities still need staff available!

We get it, no one wants to work when they can spend time with their loved ones! Nurses generally will have to work a holiday at some point in their career, and while seniority can help, those who are early in their career, might have to “take one for the team.” We’ve worked up some tips that will get you through those shifts so you can make the most out of your holiday schedule this year:

Plan ahead

So you’ve accepted that you’re working a holiday, but good news is you can still work with your supervisor to see if you can have a specific holiday off! Obviously nothing is guaranteed and seniority plays a large part in the process, but it never hurts to ask. Once your schedule is set, let your loved ones know so you can create wonderful memories on the days you do have together. Holidays don’t always have to be one day, and the memories you share any time during the season can last a lifetime.

Keep it fun and light

The best thing you can do for yourself and others is to have a positive attitude during your shift. You have the chance to make someone’s day better who can’t spend that day with their family. You can do something as small as putting a wreath on a patients door, or playing some holiday music while making rounds. The season is all about giving, and what could possibly be better than spreading some cheer to the people who need it most! Patients especially would much rather not be in a facility when they don’t have to be. They are usually the ones who could use a pick-me-up the most. You don’t know what kind of impact you can have until to try.

Have your team’s back

Your coworkers are in the same boat as you, and you’re all going to be feeling different things about working. These people are your work family and celebrating with them can alleviate some of those holiday blues. They understand how you’re feeling more than anyone else so figure out ways to make everyone feel like family this year. Host a potluck, or have a gift exchange. Make sure that whatever your coworkers are celebrating this year, that they feel welcomed and represented!